Learning to move…

I was at an exhibition at the GOMA recently by Siobhan Davies. It involved a dancer – Helka – in a live sculpture exhibition. The audience, me for a bit, directed the dancer to make movements. This was much more difficult than it seemed. To describe to someone every move to stand up from a bench and then sit back down…well it took 30 minutes and I did get a perplexed and think Helka got sore muscles from holding position while I thought of how to direct the next move!

All in all, a great exhibition. For me, a combination of art and mindfulness I guess!


About angiemcscottie

Three years ago today I dropped my briefcase, replaced it with a rucksack and headed off around the world. I am now back where I started, but doesn't life have a funny way of doing that to us! But I have new eyes and things have changed so here is my take on my cute, quirky little country...SCOTLAND!
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